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Dr. JeongWon Kim

Division of Industrial Metrology

Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science
267 Gajeong-Ro

Daejeon 34113

Republic of Korea




VG-ESCALAB 220 System

Conventional XPS/UPS/REELS system with a sample preparation chamber. Sample stage in the main chamber is designed to heat or cool a substrate. In the preparation chamber, we can deposit various materials on a substate. Fast entry chamber enables us to mount samples upto six at one time. There is an apparatus for UV-ozone treatment in the fast entry chamber. In 2010 the old analyser is replaced by PSP Resolve 120.


Another Photoemission Spectrometer and...

This is a multipurpose monster with two preparation chambers and two analysis chambers. Four-axis sample manipulator is mounted on the main analysis chamber with SCIENTA (SES-100) analyzer and x-ray/UV sources. After deposition of target materials, we can transfer the sample into the photoemission chamber or PEEM chamber. Using the PEEM, energy resolved local areal information can be achieved with the combination of laser pulses. In the photoemission chamber, there is a low energy electron gun and a photon detector for inverse photoemission (IPES) and reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy (REELS). We call it total electron structure measurement system.


Femtosecond Pulsed Laser system

Using Ti:S oscillator, laser pulses with a duration of hundred femtoseconds are generated. Through frequency doubling or tripling, we carry out single-color or two-color pump-probe experiments (2PPE) on a various surface system.


PLE measurement

Tunable light source and photo-detector take photoluminescence (PL) from a sample. The sample temperature and other environments are controllable during the measurement.

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