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Dr. JeongWon Kim

Staff Scientist

Professor (UST)

Division of Industrial Metrology

Korea Research Institute of Standards & Science
267 Gajeong-Ro

Daejeon 34113

Republic of Korea





Photoelectron Spectroscopy Lab.


Our research goal is to explore various physical and chemical phenomena occurring on solid surfaces. In particular, we focus on electronic properties at interfaces between organic and inorganic materials, using surface-sensitive tools such as photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy.



Mar. 2019 Jiyoung joined the group.

Jun. 2018 Heeseon made a successful defense on her Ph.D.

Dec. 2017 Dr. JW Kim got award of excellent lecture and professorship.

Sep. 2017 Dr. KG Lim and HU Hwang joined the group.

Mar. 2017 Dr. JM Bae joined the group.

Nov. 2016 Tae Gun defended his Ph.D exam.

Oct. 2016 Sena got Powell prize at PSA-16.

Aug. 2016 Tae Gun took excellent student award at UST.

Aug. 2016 Heeseon took a KVS student award at IVC-20.

Mar. 2016 Dr. S. Yang joined the group.

Feb. 2016 Sung Won got master degree.

Dec. 2015 Tae Gun won an excellent student award at KRISS.

Aug. 2015 Heeseon took a young scientist award at Korea Vacuum Society.

 In media (Oct. 27, 2016)



Carrier dynamics



Using 2-photon photoemission (2PPE), the time evolution of intermediate electron states (hot electron states) can readily be probed. Electron energy levels and hot electron cooling evolution are key features in electron-hole separation and their transport in organic solar cells (OSCs) and light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Ultrafast laser pulses and an electron analyzer in ultrahigh vacuum are the main work horses for this purpose more




Energy level alignment at metal/organic or organic/organic interfaces

The carrier injection in semiconductor devices largely depends on interfacial electron energy level alignment. The electron and hole injection barriers at hetero-material interfaces cannot be predicted by any theoretical models. Photoelectron spectroscopy is the most powerful method to measure the energy levels at the level of nanometer thick films... more



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